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Water volatization (Drying Product) at low Temperature At 50 Torr water could volatile approx



Product remains Colour, Smell and Taste itself because of use Low temperature in


Reduce time of dry (Compare with normaly pressure dryer)

Close system, Nearly no convection. Vacuum itself is the best insulation.

304 Stainless Steel Body, Polish seam out to make it easy clean, correctly right on GMP

(Good Manufacturing Practice)

* Remark : Miror Grade Polishing or Hair Line - 304 Stainless Steel could be chosen

Prefer large numbers of stick, Big or Small size beyond standard could be ordered


Anyone can enjoy playing Chef. No skill, No practicing. All hard stuff, Multi-Layer

Barbecue, Satay or Something in Stick could happen by your hand.

Separate or Specify multi-Layer of Different kind of meat, Lard, Vegetable or Fruit.

Reduce processing time. No more skilled specialist for skewing.

All part Assemblied, easy clean and keepable

Material made from PE1000 Food Grade & 304 Stainless Steel for GMP and Hygiene

  * Remark : For Industrial Mass Production could order in Automation System


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